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Flo has played lead roles or starred in several films internationally as well as locally.  A wonderful role was a film in Russia where she played the Madam of an opera house in turn of the century Poland with

Israeli opera stars: Dudu Fisher and Efrat Rotham.

Recently she worked with John Schneider in “WWJD,” a Television Pilot, “The Boulevard” and starred in an as yet unreleased feature, “Disappearing Bakersfield.”

Some of Flo's productions include working with stars Sylvester Stallone, Owen Wilson, Klaus Kinski, Christopher Lloyd, Steve Kanaly, Martin Cove, Gerald McRaney and Ken Kercheval.

Flo will begin working soon for continuing episodes of “The Boulevard.”

Flo is not an unfamiliar figure to the Los Angeles stage.  Having performed in more than one hundred venues in Los Angeles, Flo speaks fondly of some of her favorites that were indeed larger than life.

She recently starred in “Alma,” a period piece about Gustav Mahler's wife, at the LosAngeles Theater on Broadway down town.  The theatre was built in 1931 by Charlie Chaplin. The play was an “audience follow the actors” reality play: through the myriad corridors of the opulent French Baroque theatre, a mock train ride, a bus ride through “downtown Tel Aviv.” and a five course dinner between the acts.

It was a wild and imaginative one of a kind international production.

Another favorite theatre production was at the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in “A Midsummer Night's dream,” where Flo got to gallop a horse onto the stage brandishing a bow and arrow as the Amazon woman, Hippolyta.

In “Of Mice and Men,” Flo, as Curly's wife was hauled away in a real 1930's  pick up truck. Will Geer who played “Slim” in the original l937 Broadway production of the show often said that no one had ever played the part of Curly's wife as well as Flo Lawrence in the Topanga production.  Papa Geer commanded great respect and beauty in his being.  He truly became one of those “power” figures in Flo's life.  He was deeply loved.

Flo was involved as an able bodied partner in an acting class taught and managed by Otto Felix, her long time friend and mentor.  Otto was the founder of H.A.P.P.I., Handicapped Artists Partners Performers Incorporated where Flo assisted for 10 years until the untimely death of its beloved founder.

Flo can be seen every Sunday at the Unurban Coffee House with Mews Small and Her Fabulous Females from 4-6 P.M.  The Unurban is located at 3301 Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica.

The Unurban coffee House is a laid back, welcome everyone, bohemian style venue where Flo can be seen singing and performing her rhyming narrative stories.  Mews Small and her gang and their usual accompanist, Brad Kay, perform in a variety of arenas.

Flo has written a screenplay based on one of her favorite Dietrich songs and is currently involved in two other film projects.

Flo is from Canada and is a member of ACTRA, EQUITY AND SAG.

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May we all stay inspired.