Demo Reel


Flo performs opposite Owen Wilson in “Minus Man”.  She is a sultry office worker in “The Boulevard”. Flo serves up breakfast and one liners to Sylvester Stallone in “Over the Top”.  She plays a bemused socialite in the noire “L.A. Crime Story”.  As housekeeper to a pastor who has lost his faith she asks, “What Would Jesus Do?”  A stern, overprotective mother keeps a daughter’s suitor at bay in “Hot Chili”.  In Manachem Golan’s “Road to Glory” she is the aristocratic owner of an opera house in Warsaw.  Her no-nonsense makeup artist lays it on in “15 Minutes of Fame”.  A con-woman, murderess runs the local hotel in “Disappearing Bakersfield”.  As a floozy Flo rounds out the cast of “Driver’s Ed”.  In a classical turn, Flo performs as Aggripina, Nero’s mother in “Crime Classics”. Currently on the web, Flo joins te cast of “Mom and Me”


Flo Lawrence